Dear fly fisherman,

In 2017 I will take a time-out, call it a “fly fishing Sabbatical”.

I will still work on the dates that are already planned.

But, moreover, I will not hold any courses, no more casting meetings and otherwise withdraw from any public work. No facebook posts, no articles in trade magazines, no blog posts, no mails of this website will be answered and I also will not publish any catch reports.

It will be a year’s rest.

After more than 25 years in fly fishing, over 10 years in the instructors’ scene, and 8 years at national and international fairs, I would like to go back and learn something new, thinking about my perspectives and possibilities of the future in the fly fishing thoroughly think, while I am sitting alone on the bank of a beautiful river, watching a brownie sipping in flies…

 As it goes on January 1, 2018, I will have decided in 2017.

I hope that you still stay with me and simply check back in 2018 once again!

Cheers // Juergen Friesenhahn – 2016/12